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Thursday Queen of hearts

This evening is dedicated to the ladies and couples who enjoy the company of more than one gentleman. Unlike Fridays and Saturdays we can guarantee admission to all well kempt single gentlemen, however there still is no guarantee for sex. The hedonistic swinger idea still applies.
Each couple which is active with more than one single gentleman will receive as a ‘special’ bonus free admission for a following Thursday evening. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to watch or participate.

Single men: 70 €
Couples: 45 €
Single ladies: 10 €

Friday Fun Night + Young and sexy party

An ordinary Friday night? NOT in our club! Every Friday night its party night in an erotic atmosphere at the Coronita. The Friday fun night is ideal for your first visit in a swinger club and allows you to grasp the hedonistic swinger concept. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to watch or participate.

Admission fee and dress code: sexy, frivolous, daring, bold

Ladies: €10,--
Single men over 30: € 75,--
Couples over 30: € 55,--

With immediate effect : every Friday is Young and Sexy !

Friday nights we want to accommodate younger patrons by offering a young and sexy special. All guests under the age of 30 will be able to enter at a reduced price so don’t forget to bring your I.D. This evening is perfectly suited for a first visit ;)

Single men under 30: € 65,--
Couples both under 30: € 45,--
Couples with 1 under 30: € 50,--

Saturday night swing

If you‘ve got the Saturday Night Fever, stop by the Coronita for our Saturday Night Swing and party with us through the night.

The Saturday Night Swing is not only suited for your first visit but is also a perfect evening for our regular patrons filled with sensuous, exciting and kinky fun.

Of course, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to watch or participate.

The hedonistic swinger idea applies.

dress code: sexy, frivolous, daring, bold

Admission fee:
Ladies: € 10,--
Couples: € 60,--
Single men: € 80,--

Couples night every last Saturday in Month

This specific evening we will only allow admission exclusively to couples and single ladies.

We are happy to greet single gentlemen any other evening.

Admission for couples: € 80,-- (stamp cards not valid)
Admission ladies: € 20,-- 

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Für unsere treuen Pärchen gibt es die exklusive "Coronita Stempelkarte".

6 Stempel = 1 Eintritt frei. Einfach gleich beim Eintritt anfragen!



Ihr benötigt erotische Bilder, habt kein Equipment, keine passende Location? Kein Problem! Wir haben den passenden Fotografen für euch und können euch eine stilvoll-erotische Umgebung stellen ... 

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